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Our projects

In this section you can see successful retail projects. If you want to grow your business then just fill out the form at the bottom of the page!


Give visibility to your display space

Holz Technic means also tailor-made display solutions for your store! Our consultants evaluate with you the most effective set-up possibilities for the available footage and your specific needs - with the aim of maximizing the impact of each area, valuing all assets and boosting your business.


With the help of our visual merchandising experts we can work out the best solution for your entire shop furnishings including Holz Technic brand corners. Create the right path to your store: simplify, optimize and advance the display efficacy of your products.


Your partner in creating your own shop within a shop.

Have you ever heard about Point of Purchase (POP)? Well, if you have a showroom this is very important. It is all about structuring the point of purchase - POP - in the best possible way, displaying the product in the shop in line with your strategy with the right care for space and communication.

In the POP Tool you will find a summary of the right tools to display your merchandise in the best possible way and to make the display stand out. Modular shelves that can be placed in series or stand-alone and a mix of in-store communication supports are the ideal complement to increase rotation.

Curious? What are you waiting for.

Contact us, let's create your display system together!

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