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Tailor-made training meetings of about two hours for retailers, in which the special features of our products are explained.


RECIPIENTS: retail salespersons, sector or department managers, sales network.

LOCATION: point of sale

PURPOSE: train co-workers to increase their competence on HOLZ TECHNIC products.


RESULT: increase in product mix, increase in turnover, opportunity to enter a growing market, professionalism towards the final customer


Days of meetings with customers in resale to learn about the most important aspects of products and solutions and to get hands-on experience.

RECIPIENTS: end customers of the point of sale

LOCATION: internal point of sale, point of sale external area.

PURPOSE: Presentation of solutions to the end customer with the possibility of interacting with qualified personnel and presenting new products.


Organize your meeting at our site! We provide more than 100 seats, an exhibition room and a test centre. For many years, our headquarters in Cortaccia (BZ), in the north of Italy, has been hosting tailor-made training courses that can include classroom teaching, spaces suitable for practical tests and a rich package available for the organisation of activities and services.

Are you interested? Talk to the Technical Consultant who supports you!

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