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Choose category and download data sheets and declarations of performance (DoP)

Whether you are looking for concealed connectors, shear and tensile hangers or angle brackets or simple perforated plates you are in the right place!

Do you need to fix a pergola or a fence to the ground? Well, there are many possibilities to do so, find out here all the types of post bases and choose the one that suits you best!

Special screws for outdoors, concealed connectors and supports for your terrace, not forgetting complementary products to insulate the floor from the substrate, you will find them here!

Small head screws, for carpentry or large structures. Everything you need for structural fastening but also for fastening your plates is on this page.

Are you looking for screws to connect timber and metal? Here is the selection of screws for sheet metal and special applications.

Call them dowels, anchors or concrete screws. Whether you are looking for a screw anchor, a heavy duty anchor or a resin, here is what you need for concrete fastening.

Bolts, nuts and threaded rods. If you prefer classic products, this is the right section for you.

Profiles, tapes and membranes, but also soundproofing foils in a handy list.

Sealing tapes for every application: connection to ground, nail point or expanding tapes. And of course acrylic tapes, but also glues and sealants.

Roofing and ventilation accessories: under-ridges, flashings, eaves gutters and more!

The membrane range is extensive, but if you are looking for breathable membranes, vapour barriers and control layers or bituminous membranes, this is the section for you!

Construction site tools for carpentry and building, measuring and roofing tarpaulins but also accessories for chemical products. Everything in this practical section!

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